Handcrafted Quality

Hammerhead Marine Sculptures

All sculptures are made from original drawings, cut out by hand and formed using mallets and chisels. No machines or forms are used. Sculptures are made from 304 stainless on un-annealed copper (giving it the bright colorful look). Most colors are achieved by heating with a torch and are permanent. Pieces are signed and dated originals

Ted Elder is a lifetime Artisan in many different media. His passion is bringing his avid love of nature and fishing to his sculptures, capturing as much realism as possible. Working in wood copper and brass, Ted was pleased with the beauty of his sculptures.  In 2006, Ted tried a Barracuda in Stainless Steel, which was hard to work and sharp, but the result was sensational! Today, Ted continues to perfect his artistry in Copper and Stainless, making sculptures so realistic they seem to "swim off the wall". It takes a genuine "Hammerhead" to work with this unyielding metal and Ted is uniquely  qualified.

About the Artist