Handcrafted Quality

Hammerhead Marine Sculptures

Copper Sculptures are 100% hand cut and hammered from un-annealed 16 ounce copper and are colored with torch or patinas.

Maine Lobster

Copper Lionfish

Copper King Triton/Mermaid

Swimming Mermaids

Large Copper Mermaid/Seahorse

20" Copper Blue Crab/Patina

40" Copper Manatee scene

34" Copper Grouper

 Copper Seahorse

Lg Turtle

26" Copper Blue Crab

31" Copper Hogfish

36" Copper Redfish

These are the more common Copper Scuptures.

Many more are available, as well as custom fish of any type or size.

26" Copper Shrimp

24" Copper Octopus

Copper Starfish