Handcrafted Quality

Hammerhead Marine Sculptures

32' Stainless Large Mouth Bass

SS Extreme Goldfish

Man O'War

41" Snook

31" Stainless Bonefish

Sea Biscuit

School of Lookdowns

Stainless Lion Fish

Various sizes

Black Tip Shark

SS sculptures are made from 26 guage 304 Stainless Steel. They are completely hand cut and hammered using chisels and mallets on a leather covered sandbag. Color and shading is done with a torch. Shown in suggested sizes, but can be made any size. Custom fish are my specialty.

48" Hammerhead

Sand Dollar

48" Kingfish

53" StainlessTarpon

34" Grouper

36" Stainless Yellowfin Tuna

31" Stainless Jack Cravelle

48" Barracuda

26' Stainless Alter Ego

52" Stainless Dolphin

Set of Stainless Stingrays

34",22",15" wingspans